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How do I apply?

You can apply right here on our careers page!

 You can also apply through our website or LinkedIn by uploading your CV in PDF or Word format. We believe that great applications come in all shapes and sizes, but kindly send any CV in a different format (I.e., Video CV) to

Open positions

Talent Acquisition specialist 



Our open positions may offer commission-based compensation. The specific details and structure of commission plans will be communicated during the recruitment process and will be dependent on individual performance, achieved targets, and other factors. Candidates interested in roles with commission-based components are encouraged to discuss compensation structures during the interview process to ensure clarity and alignment with their expectations. The terms and conditions of commission plans will be outlined in employment contracts for successful candidates. Heart to Heart HR Consulting is committed to transparency and fairness in all aspects of our hiring processes.

Who can apply?


  At Heart to Heart HR Consulting, we encourage individuals of all backgrounds to apply, irrespective of age, sexuality, religion, disability, pronouns, neuro-diversity, gender, ethnic group, or beliefs.  Heart to Heart actively seeks to build a diverse workforce, fostering a culture that embraces and celebrates inclusion in all its dimensions.

Please Kindly forward your resume to

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